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    Leaders in ARCHITECTURAL & CONSTRUCTION Visual Media Services

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    Leaders in ARCHITECTURAL & CONSTRUCTION Visual Media Services

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Vantage Point Global offers an all-inclusive array of ground to aerial visual-media services. Our ability to bridge relationships between the owner, general contractor and design team has successfully contributed to our firm’s recognition as an electronic media expert; specializing in commercial visual media & photography, with emphasis on architecture and visual construction documentation.

construction documentation

High-resolution digital construction progress photography integrated Into proprietary web-based interactive & navigable mapping software with customizable routine, milestone and event driven scopes.

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Mapping Software

mapping software

VPG’s cloud optimized software, will provide your team with new opportunities to reduce liability and measurably enhance productivity, while creating a visual as-built that can be used by operations and maintenance teams for the life of the facility.

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Video Graphic

Video Graphic

VPG’s videography team utilizes the highest professional media equipment, on location, to provide full audio-video development and production services.

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Aerial Photo

Aerial Photo

VPG offers a complete array of oblique and vertical aerial photography and video services, complete with mapping and interactive date stamped software that offers unmatched scalability.


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Time-Lapse - Live-Feed Project Cams

Stationary Time-Lapse & Live-Feed
Project Cams

Our project-cams allow clients real-time virtual access to the interior and exterior of job sites, inventory yards, and fully functioning facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from any computer, smart phone, or rich media tablet device; 100% password protected.

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Architectural-Interior Design Portfolios

Architectural and Interior
Design Visual Portfolios

We bring enhanced vision, bold creativity and professional lighting techniques together to create a one-of-a-kind portfolio of images of your product line.

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how youbenefit

  • Owners & Developers
  • General Contractors
  • Architects
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Control Director
  • Project Managers
  • Investors
  • “I have come to have great appreciation for the innovative environment Vantage Point Global has created for the civil and commercial construction markets, interfacing electric design line drawings with visual documentation. The ability to combine video-progress QC documentation, aerial photography and time lapse webcam feeds into their database has further expanded the functionality of their exceptional web based software.”

    Ralph Ketchum, Vice President
    Austin Commercial
  • "VPG's ability to place high quality well-lit images of time sensitive issues have significantly impacted expedited responses on many fast track projects. Reducing risk to owners during the ever-expanding development of aviation facilities in America is a key factor to success. I consider Vantage Point Global’s team and solution to be an integral piece of this process."

    R. Clay Paslay
    Paslay Management Group
  • “The features available on VPG’s live photographic mapping software allow my team members to expedite necessary RFI processes daily. With immediate responses to many of our concerns and questions, we are able formulate real- time solutions efficiently allowing my team and subcontractors to remain engaged in the field and on schedule.”

    William Hannah, Senior Superintendent
    Hunt Construction Group
  • “VPG customized their software to interface with our systems, while incorporating features dedicated to our scope to meet the complex parameters found in our design-build project. I recommend Vantage Point as an exceptional answer to archiving and visual documentation for construction contractors and owners alike.”

    John Maranowicz, Sr Project Manager
    Regional Mgr Walsh Construction Group
  • “As a Safety Consultant, I recommend Vantage Point Global to my clients as an excellent tool for documenting precise locations of all electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems for future reference. Many fatalities and severe injuries occur every year due to inadvertent contact with hidden or buried utilities. Utilizing Vantage Point Global’s services will help your maintenance department work safely while preventing costly and unplanned interruptions to operating facilities. “

    Steve Bowers, CSP President
    Global Safety Management Consultants

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