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As a certified SBE/DBE/WBE, VPG knows that best value may not be the lowest quoted price, but the attitude, aptitude, depth of resources, proposed personnel and D/M/WBE utilization. Since 2006, Vantage Point Global has been successfully utilized on a numerous large-scale complex projects greater than 350,000 sf with significant D/M/WBE mentor participation, including participation on the largest privately owned project in the history of the western hemisphere. In addition to large-scale projects, our diverse teams have worked on projects in very remote regions, small to medium scale public and privately owned construction projects and in research & development arenas.section5

Vantage Point Global embraces a culture of diversity and will seek to promote the benefits of diversity in all of our business processes. To achieve success and maintain a competitive advantage, VPG’s community outreach program allows us to work with fellow small businesses and D/M/WBE firms to develop new insights into our business; as well as, innovative ways to better execute our services in a superior manner. We strive to widen media by which we recruit, to ensure as diverse an employee and candidate base as possible.

section2Vantage Point Global has been successful in mentoring new D/M/WBE small businesses ventures to understanding the opportunities available and to help them grow their businesses so they flourish in today’s very competitive market. On each new project, we work with these and other new D/M/WBE businesses to assist them in the creation and execution of new business opportunities made possible by DBE diversity programs. It is our goal to share our knowledge with these small business firms to help them win opportunities and assist them by helping develop real budgets, manage detailed schedules, and properly execute pre-task planning so they can increase their effectiveness in working with large capital development projects.

This provides an advantage to your construction project goals in the development of a local contractor base and its workforce with the tools, training and experience to successfully compete on future work.

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  • Rated in the top 5% of Small Businesses nationally, VPG has a Dunn and Bradstreet rating of 97% which places our firm in the TOP 5% OF SMALL BUSINESSES nationally, as rated by current and past clientele based on performance, value, quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

  • Zero Injury, Zero Accident, Zero Incident Safety Record, VPG has provided web-based visual construction documentation and videography services on over 25 Million square feet of development since 2006 without a single claim, incident or injury.

  • Focus on Large-Scale & Multiple Structure Construction Projects, VPG supports large-scale capital development and improvement projects including vertical super-structure, civil infrastructure and security sensitive aviation projects.

  • Diversity Driven Goals, VPG is a 100% woman owned, certified DBE/WBE business. We take pride in our college outreach and intern programs, which mentors women, minority and veteran masters students. We are active members of many state and national disadvantaged, small business and woman business networks.

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