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  • The features available in VPG’s photographic mapping software allow us to expedite our RFI processes daily. By logging into the software online, our engineering and management teams are able to view detailed scalable photographs of this stadium build remotely with my teams on the ground. With immediate responses to many of our concerns and questions, we are able formulate solutions for constraints efficiently allowing my team and subcontractors to remain engaged in the field and ahead of schedule.
    Senior Superintendent, William Hannah
    Hunt Construction



Productivity ”adVANTAGE”

VPG’s cloud optimized software, will provide your team with new opportunities to reduce liability and measurably enhance productivity. With today’s complex fast-track scheduling and enhanced risk management efforts on multi-structure projects, the ability to send, receive and share information in real-time with broadband devices such as notebooks, pads and PDA smart phones has become essential. Vantage Point Global’s web-based software solution will provide accessibility to your projects 365 days a year, viewable remotely, on the go from anywhere, at anytime.

Customized from your “VANTAGE POINT” VPG’s mapping and interactive navigational software is superior to other products available in the industry for one reason; it is configured to meet the needs of each client and each project. The ability to tailor our software comes not only from a host of pre-existing features but our full time design team’s ability to add new functions specifically for each program or project. '

One advantage to working with Vantage Point Global is receiving an innovative, yet matured software product,while still being treated to “small company” personalized service!


pngEvery proposed project is unique in design, size, and complexity. Realizing this, VPG will approach each project with a customized execution plan. Once electronic drawings for each project are uploaded into our secure password-protec ted database, your authorized personnel will receive an invitation to the Vantage Point Global Network, along with classroom training. Going forward, authorized personnel, along with approved users from the design and general contracting teams, will have the ability to go to one consistent site to locate and share detailed visuals of all progress, enabling immediate access to critical path virtual site-walks as well as validation of present and past activity.

Sac StructureMultiple levels of security will allow for highest level authorized users to have all of the features and functions of our dynamic software available to them; others will be authorized as privileged users with a limited number of restricted access utilities. This enables all departments involved in managing construction to efficiently communicate with one another by sharing information pertinent to their scope of work, expediting coordination and collaboration while significantly reducing logical hurdles present for your venue. All media is indexed by location, direction, plan, date and time. Desired media can easily be searched, displayed, printed, or emailed with simple keystroke functions. Owner liabilities can be significantly reduced with quicker response times to change orders, design directives, RFI inquiries, pay application validation and inspection report disputes due to the ease of adding visuals to substantiate data.

Our media can be viewed in relation to other videos, webcams, aerials and construction photographs in one place, on one website, inside one interface; thus, increasing the efficiency for all departments and entities supporting the development and future facilities’ management.


Picture13Easy-to-Use Interactive Interface

VPG’s proprietary software electronically converts project CADD drawings into a password protected, web-based database. Our software offers a host of state-of-the-art functions including scalability on EVERY image. Users are able to scroll “in and out” OR “incrementally move from left and right manually” with a scroll feature enabling users to view intimate details of each project remotely. VPG is able to customize photographic indicators giving our clients unlimited choices of the type of photography desired from project to project. With a mouse click, you can populate the draw ing with as many indicator types as desired. Because of the number of eyes on your team that see and document activity in the field, VPG goes a step further by designating special indicators so that members of the OAC teams can add their images ensuring the most complete coverage possible.

Photographic documentation lowers liability!
VPG provides the most complete coverage in the industry routinely shooting an image every 45 degrees during 360 degree turns capturing eight images as opposed to four simple E, W, S, N coordinates. Every image goes through an extensive QA accountability process, ensuring that the best digital visual evidence is available and easily accessible for you as need arises.


Picture16Geo-Referenced Interactive Indexed Media - “Vantage Points”

Over-lapping directional indicators guarantee every square foot of your project will be visually documented on a routine basis. VPG teams work with surveyors to geo-reference digital images by grid-line, date, time, and cardinal direction.

Detailed Media Location and Date Indexed

Placing a cursor over a “Vantage Point” will provide a full screen detail of the most recent progress image documented by VPG teams. Along the bottom of the page, a filmstrip allows for easy access to every image captured from the same grid coordinate and cardinal direction. This screen provides date, time, direction, photo #, project info and location indexes. Virtual field walks can take place in locations remote of the project, through our advanced navigational indexing features which are included with VPG at no additional charge.

12X Zoom (1200% zoom)

The zoom function can provide clarity of critical details of your project, allowing for present and past verification of executed work. Our proprietary software allows a 12X zoom in multiple increments of (2X). VPG’s software shows the overall image in the upper right corner and offers the ability to have multiple zoom steps, move left, right, up or down; and, the extraordinary ability to STOP SCREEN MOTION instantly.

Picture15Phased Date/Location Stamped Photo Sets

With detailed metadata embedded on each image, operations and maintenance teams can continue to utilize these images as a visual as-built when conducting routine maintenance and major repair, significantly reducing time impact in an area as well as a reduction in costly damage to final finishes. Our documentation provides irrevocable
proof of where MEPS lies inside roughed-in areas. Furthermore, areas where MEPS is
densely compacted in an area, incremental imagery allow team s to literally peel back
these dense layers, lowering risk and liability.

(1) 336-August 30, 2011 (2) 336-Sept 17, 2011 (3) 336-Oct 30, 2011
(4) 336-Nov 30, 2011 (5) 336-Jan 30, 2012 (6) 336-Feb 28. 2012

View Photos in a Progression Timeline

Our proprietary software provides your team the capability to view multiple photos in sequential order by date and location, side by side on a single screen giving multiple departments the power to validate or dispute reports and submittals. Field teams can remotely communicate with the ease of “comparing and contrasting” historic timelines. During live or telecom conferences, visual timeline data is a very effective tool for schedule and logistic preplanning, monitoring and inspecting field activity, and verifying reports or concerns. Our visual timeline function has been widely used to reduce litigation through constraint claim “mitigation.”

VPG is recognized for being the most customizable solution for photographic documentation in the industry. From the flexibility of routine documentation to on-call critical path coverage, coupled with unlimited software configuration capabilities, Vantage Point Global is your inclusive media resource all visual documentation.


Print Photo Queue

The ability to select a “batch” of photos was designed solely arou nd the idea of efficiency. Initially you are given the choice to customize your search by choosing the floor and date span you would like to view. Once the page is populated with images, you can very easily scroll throu gh and select the images you’d like to print. With one click , the images are sent simultaneously to your printer, expediting preparation for meetings.

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  • Rated in the top 5% of Small Businesses nationally, VPG has a Dunn and Bradstreet rating of 97% which places our firm in the TOP 5% OF SMALL BUSINESSES nationally, as rated by current and past clientele based on performance, value, quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

  • Zero Injury, Zero Accident, Zero Incident Safety Record, VPG has provided web-based visual construction documentation and videography services on over 25 Million square feet of development since 2006 without a single claim, incident or injury.

  • Focus on Large-Scale & Multiple Structure Construction Projects, VPG supports large-scale capital development and improvement projects including vertical super-structure, civil infrastructure and security sensitive aviation projects.

  • Diversity Driven Goals, VPG is a 100% woman owned, certified DBE/WBE business. We take pride in our college outreach and intern programs, which mentors women, minority and veteran masters students. We are active members of many state and national disadvantaged, small business and woman business networks.

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