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  • It is beneficial to us, as the owner, to have a scalable visual record of what lies behind every wall, ceiling and slab including in-ground utilities and communications systems.
    Roger Johnson, Deputy Executive Director
    Los Angeles World Airports
  • Vantage Point Global customizes their software to interface with our systems, while incorporating features dedicated to the complex parameters found in our design-build projects.
    John A. Maranowicz, Senior Project Manager
    Walsh Construction
  • VPG’s ability to place high quality well-lit images of time sensitive issues have significantly impacted expedited responses on many fast track projects. Reducing risk to owners during the ever-expanding development of aviation facilities in America is a key factor to success. I consider Vantage Point Global’s team and solution to be an integral piece of this process.
    R. Clay Paslay, President
    Paslay Management Group


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Vantage Point Global’s business model was created with a distinct goal in mind; to provide a SINGLE SOURCE SOLUTION to support the management of permanent visual documentation on construction projects. By combining multiple forms of digital and video photography with technology and construction management software, we have designed an easy to navigate system that will allow high resolution project photographs, video logs, time-lapse/ live webcam feeds and hard copy documentation to live on the same interface; all searchable within seconds on a mapping platform that uses YOUR imported electronic project drawings.

Construction Progress 3Vantage Point Global’s secure interface will enable your teams to archive project data onto ONE LIVING SHARED DOCUMENT that continues to grow for the life of the facility. Authorized users will not only have immediate virtual accessibility to building details and archives during construction phasing, but will be able to continue to add minor maintenance, major repair, improvement, renovation, and warranty event driven photography to your “open living document” on a daily/routine basis for the life of the facility.

Construction Progress 1_2 2The facts behind our execution:
Our proprietary groundbreaking technology effectively manages thousands of detailed and geo-referenced images of your project. This allows approved personnel the access to monitor and inspect projects in real-time reducing frequent and unplanned visits to the field. While effectively enhancing risk management, teams will have the ability to utilize our navigable and customizable software to monitor subcontractor’s workmanship, provide verification of scheduled activity and request information on important design elements remotely 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

Vantage Point Global’s proprietary, internet-based system accurately records every detail of your project, capturing each stage from the pre-construction survey through final punch; with particular attention focused on M.E.P.S., in-ground utilities, structural elements, all roof and exterior elements. You can effortlessly move from point to point, week to week; or view a single point on your floor plan or elevation over the duration of your project. With multi-perspectives of every square foot of your project, you can elect to view a specific sub-contractor's work from start to finish and provide visual audits for finished areas. Our software provides the ability to email, print, and download fully scalable digital photography, video documents and aerial photographic archives. Contact us today for more information and a detailed presentation of our software’s features and functions.

Photograph Elements

Quantity / Number


Overall Project


Project will be photographed at a frequency to fulfill requirements below through Period of Performance.  All photographs will be attached to the associated electronic drawings.  Each photo-shoot will be available for viewing within 48 hours unless otherwise agreed upon.  Customer will assist in determining vantage points locations within the guidelines below.

Preconstruction Survey/Existing Conditions


Photographic survey conducted to document existing conditions of adjoining structures and site areas, to include roads, sidewalks, buildings, landscape, etc.  Existing structure including pre-post demolition, unforeseen conditions, existing MEP and structural elements, sprinkler, and “non-code compliant” discoveries. Existing conditions can also include aerial photography; see aerial cost itemized below.

Site Detail


Site photographed prior to prep to show location and proximity to adjoining structures. Once excavation is complete focus is on underground retention, drainage, support column and pad work. Logistical/lay down areas. Access/Egress routes. Logistical Constraints.



Captures the cabling, communications and conduit entering and exiting the buildings and between buildings.  All underground plumbing and electrical conduit will be photographed.  Slurry Wall, drainage routes.



Slabs are photographed just prior to the slab-pour to capture rebar placement/reinforcement, underground conduit and other in-floor systems, penetration placement, etc.



Comprehensive views of the exterior from grade, to include detail of doors, curtain wall and other possible intrusion areas; taken monthly until completion of exterior finishes.

Interior / Structural


Once architectural plan framing begins, detailed digital images capture all accessible walls throughout the project with focus on mechanical, electric, plumbing and insulation benchmark dates.

Interior Ceiling


Once substantial framing is completed, detailed digital images capture all accessible ceilings throughout the project allowing intimate access to mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire stopping, waterproofing and insulation elements. LEED compliance efforts are captured. Final finish and punch-list compliant captured.



N/ S/ E/ W/ NE/ NW/ SE/ and SW Facing Digital High Resolution Permanent Photographic Document to be taken in the last week of each month for the duration the ongoing construction progress at the specified site.Each image will be catalogued onto the Vantage Point Global software interface within 48 hours of execution into a “predetermined vantage point” that will be photographed each month from a general choreographed point. These photographs will be a collective time-stamped grouping that will incorporate all aerial documentation.  (Price not yet included but available)



Key elements are photographed which may include electrical and mechanical precaution/protection, mechanical, fiber optics, HVAC, and plumbing runs. Staging procedures/protection. Draping/Cover procedures when required (fire-proofing, etc.)



Entire Roof sf photographic document to include details of mechanical and specified details. Roof access must be maintained and provided by the client with acceptable safety standard set forth for this project.

  • Rated in the top 5% of Small Businesses nationally, VPG has a Dunn and Bradstreet rating of 97% which places our firm in the TOP 5% OF SMALL BUSINESSES nationally, as rated by current and past clientele based on performance, value, quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

  • Zero Injury, Zero Accident, Zero Incident Safety Record, VPG has provided web-based visual construction documentation and videography services on over 25 Million square feet of development since 2006 without a single claim, incident or injury.

  • Focus on Large-Scale & Multiple Structure Construction Projects, VPG supports large-scale capital development and improvement projects including vertical super-structure, civil infrastructure and security sensitive aviation projects.

  • Diversity Driven Goals, VPG is a 100% woman owned, certified DBE/WBE business. We take pride in our college outreach and intern programs, which mentors women, minority and veteran masters students. We are active members of many state and national disadvantaged, small business and woman business networks.

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