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VPG offers an all-inclusive array of visual media services including digital photography, videography, visual tutorial creation, aerial photography, visual commissioning & close out documentation, permanent visual time-location-date stamped visual construction archives and studio-enhanced, portfolio-quality interior design and architectural photography. We truly feel there is no project too big or too small for our customized and tailored support of visual construction documentation or architectural photography services. Our philosophy of total responsibility for the full and complete scope of visual media on each project we are awarded, provides our clients with a peace of mind that a single phone call to Vantage Point Global can solve any visual archive or media challenge. VPG’s flexible business model ensures our team is leading with a competitive advantage, stemming from the latest innovative technologies available in the industry, to the talent necessary to carry out such scope.

Permanent Visual Documentation Assists Contractors In:

  • Logistical and Pre-Construction PlanningFunZoneHero_0001-2
  • Detailed High Resolution Scalable Photographs and Video
  • Enhanced Quality Control and Assurance and Reference Tool
  • Permanent Record of Critical Path Activities
  • Daily/Monthly Report Documentation
  • Remote Monitoring of Trade’s Work
  • Inspection and Work Completion Verification
  • Schedule Completion Documentation
  • RFI Communication
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Operations and Maintenance Tool For Facilities Management Teams
  • Advanced Security Measures
  • On-site Inventory Management
  • Warranty Issues
  • Future Renovations and Expansion Planning

Benefits (OF SERVICES)
Vantage Point Global is a design leader for all-inclusive media solutions.

Certified nationally as a WBE|DBE|SBE, we have designed our firm to capture and manage every aspect of the construction process essential to building a foundation of verifiable documentation. Our approach incorporates the versatile integration of aerial photography, time-lapse photography, digital progress photography, video and cinematic documentaries, QA/QC video logs, PR campaign and final finish imagery, and O&M training tools, which merge audio and video media. State- of-the-art technology allows us to provide an alternative to the typical linear sequences of design enabling you to use multiple forms of media logically grouped together to create the best products available for your project going forward

  • c33.jpgHigh Resolution Digital Construction-Progress-Photography and Videography
  • Proprietary Web-Based Interactive & Navigable Mapping Software
  •  Time-Lapse Photography- Web Camera Live Streaming
  • Web-Based Hosting with Redundant Backup
  • Metadata Capture from Camera to Database
  • Time-Sensitive Constraint Photography
  • Hands-On and Web-Based Training Series
  • Interactive Construction Management Software
  • Document Archiving and Shared Visual Database
  • Videography-  “Operations and Maintenance” Procedural Close-Out Documentation
  • Videography- Advanced QAQC, Claims and Mitigation Logs/Documentation
  • High Resolution Scalable Aerial Photography
  • Commercial Architectural Interior Design Photography
  • Commercial/ Industrial Photography
oxblue webcams Construction Photography- MEP High Oblique Aerial Photography


  • Rated in the top 5% of Small Businesses nationally, VPG has a Dunn and Bradstreet rating of 97% which places our firm in the TOP 5% OF SMALL BUSINESSES nationally, as rated by current and past clientele based on performance, value, quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

  • Zero Injury, Zero Accident, Zero Incident Safety Record, VPG has provided web-based visual construction documentation and videography services on over 25 Million square feet of development since 2006 without a single claim, incident or injury.

  • Focus on Large-Scale & Multiple Structure Construction Projects, VPG supports large-scale capital development and improvement projects including vertical super-structure, civil infrastructure and security sensitive aviation projects.

  • Diversity Driven Goals, VPG is a 100% woman owned, certified DBE/WBE business. We take pride in our college outreach and intern programs, which mentors women, minority and veteran masters students. We are active members of many state and national disadvantaged, small business and woman business networks.

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